IfcBeam sample


I am experimenting with the sample file: 12-IFC-Feature-Assigning a beam standard case.gh

I have added some Parameters to the beams and am doing test exports. When I open this file in Rhino through ggRhinoIFC only one beam becomes visible.

In BIMVision I see them all:

The Tree Viewer shows several BuildingElementProxy Elements as well, not sure why


12-IFC-Feature-Assigning a beam standard case.dd.gh (18.5 KB)

Hi Dan,

Thanks for posting again. There are a couple of improvements I should make here. The reason you see only one beam in Rhino is because only one globalId is generated from the element parameters component. The component should really warn the user when this happens. Also I will revise the component so all attributes are explicit on the component. For the time being, you can “modify” the object as per this file.

12-IFC-Feature-Assigning a beam standard case.dd.gh (26.2 KB)

To explain the building element proxies. The components do “track” the globalids generated, as they are used for element binding when importing into Revit using the GG plugin (these elements have an ownerhistory with status DELETED to flag them as Obsolete. But if you’re not targeting Revit with revisions, you can right click on the bake component and untick the “IdentifyObsolete” context menu.

Hope this helps,