IfcGrid problems

I had a question related to this in the old forum, but I’ll start again here, since I neglected to finish there…

  • The IfcGrid command seems to be a little unfinished, or I’m seriously misusing it:
    ** When I create a Grid (attached is a a test sample, unedited), the grid is given the IFCSHAPEREPRESENTATION ‘Body’,‘GeometricSet’ - this has the unexpected result in Solibri, that the Grid lines appear as extruded tubes. If I correct the IFC text to ‘Footprint’,‘GeometricCurveSet’, this does get corrected. (the 3D is probably a Solibri thing, but the proper assignment for a Grid is as Footprint, correct?)
    Something with the containment seems to be off, but
    ** I’ve gotten this far only when exporting as IFC2x3 - the IFC4 export won’t display in any case (whether the representation is corrected or not; maybe to do with IfcIndexedPolyCurve being too advanced for readers, or actually not to spec?)

Moduulit.zip (5.8 KB)

Hi Pekka,

Thanks for posting. You’re absolutely correct, the shape representation assignment should be to footpring and geometriccurveset. I’ve just revised the code and attached the resulting file. Can you please confirm if this is what you are looking for? Then I’ll provide updated plugin installers.

I must say that most IFC4 implementations that I’ve seen commonly use IFC2x3 features in the revised format. Partly this can be attributed to delays in undertaking certification etc. I can consider if the implementation can use a polyline for the time being.



190122 grids.zip (16.0 KB)

Yes, this seems to work without any problems. Thank you!

(This also clears a recoverable error that came up in my testing when importing the Grid into Archicad, bc. the Grid’s IfcShapeRepresentation was referring to a missing line)

Sorry for taking some time on this, I’ve been working on various other improvements.
If you download the latest build from the downloads page at www.geometrygym.com then you can try the improved code relating to grid representation.