IFC export formats allowed

Dear community,
I am doing some tests of importing models of structures in order to create exportable and downloadable models in IFC format.
I am using the GemetryGym plug-in to create classes and structure the project in order to have an IFC data structure consistent with the model structure.
However I encountered the following problem (attached).
Is it possible to export the model according to the structure by classes carried out? moreover it is not possible in any way to export in 4X3 format? what are the IFC versions exports supported by Shapediver?
Thanks for the reply

You can export IFC in both 2X3 and 4 versions. However, for using the GeometryGym plugin on ShapeDiver you need a special license. Please contact Jon for more details and support for how to build IFC enabled models in Grasshopper.

For your inspiration, here is a success story from one of our clients who have recently built a steel structures configurator with IFC export options, read more below:

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