Icon removed when macro added--bug

So I have a bunch of macros for 2D drafting that switches layers. e.g. When I click on any dimension tool the layer switches to layer 2D-DIMENSIONS. I tried doing a similar thing for a polyline curve layer, but when I click OK after entering the macro, the previous icon disappears. The arrow points to where the polyline icon was, now replaced by an almost invisible X.

Numerous reports of this since months now from the few who are experimenting with the new toolbar/macro system. Question: the Polyline button in your Macro Drafting toolbar that is now missing the icon, did you simply copy it from the normal Lines toolbar?

There is an internal relation between macros and images (bad idea) and currently if you start messing around with the macro, it seems like the WIP gets lost as far as the image goes.

My recommendation - until this stuff gets fixed - is to never copy buttons from one toolbar to another - the way you were probably used to before… For anything custom, I would make a new blank button every time and then add the macro by typing it in (not from the library!) and then use the image editor to find the image you want for the button. That way (hopefully) there won’t be any internal associations that will mess things up. But it’s a lot more work and IMO a completely stupid procedure to have to follow.

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It seems many methods and tool placements have changed. I can’t find the icon/image editor that I used extensively in V7.

It’s there. If you Shift+Right click on a button, the editor will show up and you should see a dark and light image in the upper right hand corner, click on one of those and an editor window will show up. Beware, the default V8 icons are ‘scalable’ .svg (vector-based) images that don’t behave like the previous bitmaps.

I should perhaps caution you at this point about making too many customizations, some people have been reporting that they have an annoying tendency to disappear without warning.

Hi Mitch -

There aren’t many details here. What’s gone? The container that held the toolbar, the toolbar, the buttons? Any steps I can take to try to reproduce this?

The toolbar. I couldn’t find it. However, that looks like an oversight on my part, after checking the settings files which did contain the test toolbar and the macros made for it, I went looking for it again and was able to find it after all. Sorry for the miscommunication. Will edit the post above.