BUG: WIP8 custom toolbar icons suddenly disappears

Hi Guys, @stevebaer ,
I’m trying creating a custom toolbar for RhinoWip8 using SVG icons made from Affinity.
In an unpredictable way the icons are disappearing.
The behaviour looks really randomic.

Rhino Wip 8 8.0.22166.4305, 2022-06-15
Affinity Designer

here one of the icon:
New sketch.zip (6.0 KB)

That svg has nothing in it.

Now it should show the correct file

That is a raster image embedded in an svg. Rhino should be able to support that, but I would recommend sticking with vector so your svg can properly resize.

I’ll need to try loading this into Rhino to see how it reacts.

uhm… I made the icon using vectors (Affinity Designer) but exported as “Flat” svg…
Maybe I should re-export them in editable way.
I’ll try and I let you know.


If you open the svg in a text editor, it is pretty easy to tell if it is composed of a single image or a bunch of vector linework.