Toolbar button image vanishes and doesn't come back

(8.0.23125.12175, 2023-05-05)

I installed a RUI file that works fine in V7.
It has pixel based icons.
Displays ok in V8 for now.

When I play with the light/dark settings, the icon disappears.

Ok, V8 uses SVG, so better don’t try to change the pixel icon for now.
I replaced the destroyed RUI file with a working, unchanged one.
The icon should be back, but it isn’t.

Next try:
I delete the RUI and start V8.
My RUI isn’t there, fine.
Shut down V8.

Installed my working RUI file.
Started V8.
Icon is still not there.
It must be stored somewhere I don’t know.

_Reset in V8.
Started V8, shut down V8.

Installed my RUI file.
Started V8.
Icon is there.

Will there be a cure for handling pixel icons?

Tried today using the most recent WIP.
Still not working!

Could you please take a look?

hi @Charles in my latest tests, the current WIP is still a bit flaky when it comes to custom RUI files. I suspect this is related. See also RH-74605 RUI icons get deleted

Still the same 1 month later.

Yes, this issue is still open. Once fixed this thread will be notified automatically. John has a lot on his plate to fix, but the list is shrinking steadily.


Rhino 8 BETA, 8.0.23254.00303

Still the same situation.
We are no longer in WIP but BETA now.
It would be really good to work before release.

now that RH-74605 is fixed, it seems this is a different issue. Here icons do indeed vanish when you change the dark mode settings, but if you set the defaults back, and restart Rhino they seem at least to be restored. From what I can tell, the support for V7 icons is ‘as is’ and no further development to support this is expected.

No, not in here.

Ok, that’s a clear info.
Although I was hoping that V8 would at least not destroy existing buttons.
Or spits a warning.

It’s better to jump to the SVG track anyway.

hmm, seems I was only lucky once.
I’ll ask if something can be done about that one.