I want to make this kind of effect, but I don't know why, but it has become like this

I want to make this kind of effect, but I don’t know why, but it has become like this. Can you solve this problem for me?桥梁扶手1_re最新.gh (28.1 KB) 桥模型_圆管_9_10_最后-1.3dm (344.4 KB)

Figure 1 is the effect I want, Figure 2 is the result I got.

How you got the result in the figure 1?

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Hi Z,
Do the curves have the same direction? Now I don’t have access to RH&GR to check your file.

I think this what you are after:

桥梁扶手1_re最新_V2.gh (14.5 KB)


Because of the overlapping lines between the surface and the surface of the surface, what should I do to select the curve I want?

桥梁扶手1_re最新3.gh (22.0 KB) 桥模型_圆管_9_10_最后-1.3dm (6.7 MB)

  • This is what I want, thank you very much for your help!

I made a mistake last time. Actually, I want to change its cross section, not the same.

What are the steps you took to deform the surface like that? I guess you did that in Rhino, not in Grasshopper. You can use subselect for the edges that will be the centerline for the pipes.

In grasshopper: select the deformed surface > deconstruct brep > select the edges you want (based on the length: see the last grasshopper file) > use pipe (or sweep circles, along the selected edges.

Not at a computer right now.

  • Ok, I’ll try it myself