Blending surfaces/pipes

Hi at all,

can some help me to blend the surfaces, that in the end I have one big pipe?

Would be great.
Thanks a lot (24.0 KB)

you can simplify your work (15.6 KB)

thanks a lot!

thats a good Solutions. but now i have the Problem, that i cant Transfer your soltuions to my other structure:
i want to have cicles instead of Hexagons:

can you help me? (16.3 KB)

try to offset the circles a little bit or search for other solution (11.7 KB)

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good idea but i need the pipes at the ends (46.3 KB)

try and search until you get it

sorry for asking.
It is running now. Thank you for your help.

ask as you like but you need try (20.8 KB)

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