I used sweep 2 rails then trimmed surfaces - now have errors i can't fix

I have a very complex design with many surfaces created by sweeping 2 rails. At the junction of the trim joints of these surfaces are pink dots. When i zoom in the three surfaces that should meet at one point are not together… but they were before a trim. Of course I bent this design before I saw my mistake. Can someone tell me an easy (or at this point difficult) way to fix this without redrawing. thank you for any help! basket1|640x480basket2

Can you insert a .3dm or zip file with at least one part that has the problem?


Sorry long week. I trimmed out one of the two sections that have surfaces not in alignment. I think i am fairly clean all along as i draw but once you have this you are kind of hosed. There has to be an easy wan to fix this. thank you for help. I’m getting better but still learning.erroraftertrim.3dm (2.6 MB)

Hi kyle - it’s not hard to fix but a bit hard to describe - one part is easy - run the magic test command


That fixes the bad object and closes most of the nakeds, The one that is left requires some surgery however.
ExtractSrf the three surfaces around that point
DupBorder all three
UntrimBorder all three.
`Intersect each pair and use these curves, along with parts of the border curves, to retrim the surface and then join them back in.

erroraftertrim_PG.3dm (123.1 KB)

I’d make this model from the beginning at a tolerance of .001, by the way - see https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/faqtolerances


This is exactly what i needed. You are always so helpful… thank you!