I only have stock Rhino 5 and need a simple rendering....?

Yep…One of those 5 o’clock on Friday issues that I have no idea how to tackle…I have really never done any kind of rendering. I only have Rhino 5 to work with and one photo of a slab of stone. Any way to throw something together real fast…? Here is a link to the photo and 3dm file…I zipped them together and uploaded to autodesk360.



I got it…What a great program.


Here is what I thru together in about 10 minutes.

That’s a pretty big question, “Quick, how do I render?” I’d put it right up there with, “How do I model something cool?”

If it’s a tight deadline (AND a billable project) I would hire a pro who could do it 10 times better and 20 times faster. After the work is delivered, you could then spend the proper amount of time training without the stress.

In the very near future, there will be an online course launched that I authored. I cover Rhino 5 rendering, so I will share the link when the time is ready.

Yea…I figured it was a shot in the dark…I wasn’t looking for something professional, just quick…Lucky for me I’m a fast learner…I can easily believe a pro could do 10 times better, but no way could it have been done 20 times faster…The above took 10 minutes and that included figuring it out…20 times would put it at about 30 seconds…?

I got an At-A-Boy from the boss and those don’t come easy around our office…Even got to go home early…That’s a Win-Win in my book.


awesome. thank you for sharing.
what was the inital reason of the post?

The stone that was sampled for these columns was not supposed to have the white veining running thru it…The fabricator notified us of the problem and instead of just sending photos of the slabs with the veining my boss asked if I could show the stone on the 3d file. I had played with rendering very little and that was in R4…I haven’t even used R4 since the first R5 beta came out so it had been awhile. Thank you for the kind words, I know it’s not pro quality but it got the job done.

I would like to see what pro quality would look like…? Anyone…? Keep in mind this is honed limestone which means it will have no reflections on the surface of the stone.


as schultze mentioned it is quite important to know what the rendering is for. to see what a pro quality looks like you have to define pro. do you see the stone in an enviroment, is it shown in a certain lighting (indoors/outdoors), do you use mapping to display the stone structure (honed limestone is not 100% flat. there is alot of reflection and structure going on) etc.
Many different factors play a role in labeling a rendering pro.
On top of that - for certain reasons alot of “pros” use a range of render engines for different output - but for this we are in the wrong forum.
So I think for you situation and remotly judging your clients expectations you got it just right.

One last little idea (and i am not a pro) I would not use a gray background if my material is also mainly gray. Try white - your model would pop alot more.