Any advice on creating a lacquered material in Rhinos native render?

Hello, I am building some custom millwork for a client. I am new to rendering. He is asking for a lacquered material to be represented. I am having a hard time figuring out how to show this. Any advice on some techniques?


Are you in v7? You can make a ‘physically based material’ and add the–and this is the key-- ‘clearcoat’ effect, but you’ll need your own wood texture for the base.

Interesting advice. I am in v7. Let me try that.

I have another quick question. When I specify the color as white, the material doesn’t actually show as pure white in the render but rather a grey. I’m sure there are tons of factors to consider but do you have a take on this? Appreciate the help.

I am sure you will get some great help if you supply a Rhino file (with a dummy object if you don’t want to share what you work on), a render + an example image of what you want to the render to look like.

Yes it’ll be grey, or blue, or yellow…etc depending on the lighting, just like in reality. Rendering is a whole different can of worms from modeling, an entirely distinct industry.

reminds me of the days I had to make renderings white on white when that was a hot trend. One of the more difficult things to get right. I depends a lot on the right balance of gray-tones and contrast.
below a small part of one of these renders (cropped for legal reasons): Here you can see that white is actually an illusion and pretty much depends on your interpretation.


What I gather from your post and the posts above, is it safe to say the only way to achieve whiter tones is to adjust the lighting?

yes, but also if you want something to be white, don’t give it a white diffuse color, because then you have no room left to play with shading. In real life there is no material that will be 100% reflective. In general keep your rgb values under 240 as a starting point


(and over 10).