I lost my object in Rhino space; is there a command like "ZA" (AutoCAD) to bring it back?

I know my object is in the document but I lost it. I found it in one view but I can’t bring back to the origin. Is there a command to bring it back to the origin like in AutoCAD>

“zoom extents all” should get a view of everything in all viewports.

Thank you! Doing zoom extent I located tiny points in the screen. So how do I bring them to 0,0,0?

Do you still have geometry around the origin as well? If so, select that and hide it. Then zoom extends again. If you still only have tiny points showing, select some part of the screen (like the upper left quadrant. Start the move command and snap the from-point to some geometry in this area. Enter. Type 0 for the to-point.

Thank you guys, I really appreciate your help. I did what you indicated and I was able to bring it to 0,0 on the top, from, and right. But the object is still lost in the perspective view. I can see the point but I cannot bring it to 0.

If it’s a point, just selpoint, move from ‘point’ to ‘zero’.

Thank you!