Drawing lost in perspective

I’ve just lost hours of drawing from my perspective view. It won’t even find it as an object. This is the second time this has happened. I think maybe the zoom is too sensitive. But any ideas on how I can retrieve it?

Try turning all layers on if any are turned off. Then try Unhide in case you Hide the object(s). If using Rhino for Windows try Cntrl-Alt-E which will resize all views to fit all objects which are on active layers and not hidden.

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Z(oom)E(xtents)A(ll), if it’s still legit in the Alias under Rhino Options? Just type ZEA.


Hi Suhep - lost from view or lost as in not in the file?
If the file is actually empty, then look in its folder for the .3dmbak - rename that to just .3dm and open it - presumably, if you’ve been saving it will have at least a lot of your work.

Here’s a few lines of script that can tell you if there is anything in the file at all - I don’t know if that is the question or not…

Try copying and pasting the following to the Rhino command line:

-_Runscript (

	Dim arrObjects, U, strResult
	arrObjects = Rhino.AllObjects()
	If IsArray(arrObjects) Then
		U = UBound(arrObjects)
		If U > 0 Then
			strResult = U + 1 & " objects found in the file. "
			strResult = "1 object found in the file."
		End If
		strResult = "No objects found in the file."
	End If
	Rhino.Print strResult
	MsgBox strResult, 64

That should tell you if there are any objects in the file at all.


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