Drawing lost in perspective

I’ve just lost hours of drawing from my perspective view. It won’t even find it as an object. This is the second time this has happened. I think maybe the zoom is too sensitive. But any ideas on how I can retrieve it?

Try turning all layers on if any are turned off. Then try Unhide in case you Hide the object(s). If using Rhino for Windows try Cntrl-Alt-E which will resize all views to fit all objects which are on active layers and not hidden.

Z(oom)E(xtents)A(ll), if it’s still legit in the Alias under Rhino Options? Just type ZEA.

Hi Suhep - lost from view or lost as in not in the file?
If the file is actually empty, then look in its folder for the .3dmbak - rename that to just .3dm and open it - presumably, if you’ve been saving it will have at least a lot of your work.

Here’s a few lines of script that can tell you if there is anything in the file at all - I don’t know if that is the question or not…

Try copying and pasting the following to the Rhino command line:

-_Runscript (

	Dim arrObjects, U, strResult
	arrObjects = Rhino.AllObjects()
	If IsArray(arrObjects) Then
		U = UBound(arrObjects)
		If U > 0 Then
			strResult = U + 1 & " objects found in the file. "
			strResult = "1 object found in the file."
		End If
		strResult = "No objects found in the file."
	End If
	Rhino.Print strResult
	MsgBox strResult, 64

That should tell you if there are any objects in the file at all.


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