How to transfer license to a new Mac?

Getting a newish mac here at work. Do I just uninstall Rhino on the old one and reinstall on the new one?

Do I have to do anything with the Preferences License Key?

Thanks, Randy

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@rhinorudi, uninstalling and reinstalling on the new machine will be OK. As always, use consisten validation details.
The Preferences>Licenses tool lets you change the licence on an existing installation.

Cheers !

thanks @Rodri i will be installing today.

Cheers !

I have a similar situation. Use Rhino on an iMac with fusion drive and OS X Mavericks. For personal needs, I installed El Capitan on an SSD external and intend to use it as the main system (with the iMac). the procedure is the same as described? uninstall Rhino on the iMac, then install Rhino on the outside and ssd when Rhino insert license? correct?


Worked for me yesterday and was validated.