Deactivate licence

I’m trying to move my licence to a new MacBook. Anyone have an idea how to deactivate the licence for Rhino for Mac?

There’s nothing to deactivate.
What did you see that made you think that there was?

Just install Mac Rhino on your new computer using your existing license key.
When you start Rhino and Validate your license, use the same email address you did before.

If it’s a Rhino 5.0 License and you get locked out (too many computers using the license), just email them. I went through about 5 machines in a matter of 2 weeks last year…
If Rhino 6. Don’t know.

Thanks. It’s Rhino 5, so the licence is not on the online licence manager. I’m part exchanging the laptop so keen to make the right moves before exchanging it and then finding I’ve lost my licence!

Just email McNeel and ask them to release the license when you are ready. They are quick to respond.