Can't tranfer license on Mac

I’ve tried following some of the other posts here but can’t seem to transfer my Rhino 5 license to my new Mac. I’ve tried:

  1. Typing in the serial number from the old install (get an error saying it’s not valid)
  2. Deleting the old install on my other machine, putting in the serial number (same error)
  3. Copying the .lic file from my old computer to my new one (doesn’t see it, even after a restart)


Just to be sure - you need to enter your license key, not the serial number. If you have the serial number and the e-mail you validated with but have lost the license key, you can look it up here.

Normally you do not need to do anything to transfer a license, you do not need to uninstall anything from the old machine, simply install on the new machine with the same license key and validate with the same e-mail address as the old install.

If none of the above work, contact or your reseller to try to fix the problem.

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Got it, thanks! A bit confusing, since most software just has one or the other. Adding this to the Mac FAQ would be super helpful, I think.

Hmm, ok it’s now saying that this is a Windows license and won’t work for Mac. This was during the time you had to buy the Windows version and download the Mac trial, which I then upgraded digitally. This is super frustrating.

It sounds like you’ll need to contact McNeel Sales in your region to understand what license(s), you own and what options you have.
This is not something we can sort on the discussion forum.