I hate Rhino 6 for that

btw. it is stuck there so many times

I don’t know why you would be having problem logging into your account unless you are behind a firewall.
To use a single computer license on multiple computers, you need to use the Cloud Zoo, and that requires that Rhino.exe must be able to contact:

Can you login to your account and see your license using the Web based portal?

Once every 2-3 months, you’ll be asked to login again to refresh your account credentials.
Google requires this once a month.
Your on-line bank probably requires it every 10-15 minutes.

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It happened again… I lost 10 hours of work.
I was working on a file for a pretty long time, then I closed my mac to standby, reopened to continue but Rhino was asking me to connect to cloud zoo, then it freezes there all the time.
If you forget to save your file it will be lost this is ridiculous guys. Rhino5 was better - this whole Cloud Shit made everything so complicated guys

MacOS is supposed to be automatically saving your file continuously via ‘versions’… how is it possible to lose 10 hours of work?

I didn’t recognise it… I saved it a lot via cmd-S so I thought it#s all ok. Once it was too late I saw it was a read-only document and I don’t know for what reason that happened or why Rhino won’t send me a notification that auto-save is not working.

Yeah, I hear you. Anyone used to the “personal responsibility” system where you as the user assume control of how your information is saved (or not) will be frustrated by Apple’s usurpation of that function. On the other hand, I have seen it save the bacon of a number of people who “forgot to save”…

A warning message when trying to save a read-only file would be good though.

Could you elaborate what the actual problem was? I was thinking that he couldn’t save because Rhino wasn’t activated so it wasn’t giving permission to save the file. I always manually save my files and never encountered a problem like that, so I don’t think this is a Mac specific limitation, or maybe I’m missing something I’m not aware of.


Rhino couldn’t save because the file was read only and I didn’t realise that. I saved several times via CMD+S, but never got a message that saving won’t work. maybe the developers should implement a warning here…
The file was gone because of this, but I had to force close Rhino because it is so often stuck in “Connecting to Server” and then “Downloading Profile Picture” – and there it hangs around hours and nothing happens.

did you read this?