I don't get the email notifications

The email notifications stop working all at sudden since a month ago or so (and without I did any change in my settings). I’ve modified some settings (see image below) so I get notifications by mail, but it still doesn’t work.

Aha … well that is cause emails to your account keep bouncing, so we stopped sending them :mailbox:

Is there something going on with your personal mail server on your domain?

I reset your bounce score to retry mailing.

What is the reason of the mails keep bouncing? I didn’t change anything in my Gmail account to make this happen…
I still don’t get notifications.

We don’t keep records of exactly why an e-mail bounces. If it helps, the bounce we received was on Aug 15, in response to a digest. Several e-mails have been sent to your account since, so you may need to check your spam folder for them. Otherwise, once they leaveour mail servers (which they all did, in good time), we can’t see what happens to them, and you’d need to get in touch with Google support to find out.

Hi, it seems like the notifications are back in my mailbox.