I can't finish my project on Clayoo Emboss


I’m trying Clayoo2 on Rhino5.

I have a question about Clayoo Emboss.

Everytime I try to finish my emboss project,
the software stop working.( it says No response and the screen becomes white out)

I know that the short of PC memory may occur this kind of problem,
but my PC has enought memory to run.

(FYI, My PC is
Win 10,64bit
Corei9,NVIDIA® Quadro® P2200)

Moreover, everytime I open the Rhino5 with Clayoo plugin,
the error message comes out.
It says “Command did not register.”

I doubt that this error message may cause the problem above.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

Please help me.

Thank you

Hi @takehiko2211,

Thanks for your feedback.

According to your information could be that Emboss needs more time to finish the operation and it may be “blocking” Rhino until it finishes. Did you try to wait before closing the program?

We can bring you more help if you contact us through clayoo@gemvision.com and send us the file so we can check internally what is happening.

About the “Command did not register” is there any more information about? In which language do you have Clayoo?