Cant open Clayoo Rhino 7

I want to try Clayoo, I downloaded it, but I cant open it in Rhino. When I open plugins, it isnt an option to open.

Any help is appreciated.


try this

I went there, choose install, but the clayoo folder just looks like this. What next?

their site just lets me download the plugin again. I have it downloaded, I just want to know how to open it in Rhino. Thanks for any help.

Is it for Rhino 7?

Why do you need it? Just use Rhino SubD.

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Yes, I wanted to try the free trial but once I install it there doesnt seem to be any way to open it

Im trying to create an embossed look from curves. SubD has too many steps for a project with hundreds of curves, as the only way I can figure out is to extrude from curve, then fill, then I have to readjust to boolean union with the next one. To do this hundreds of times, not to mention all the errors that occur along the way, makes paying a thousand dollars for the emboss effect in Clayoo plugin almost worth it. But the point is moot since I cant even seem to open Clayoo to try it out.

Dunno…?? :slightly_frowning_face:

Sounds like intarsia wood art, patterns

Got a reference of what you are trying to do?

take your curves use Multipipe, then use this to boolean

Yes Im trying to achieve this sort of effect

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Im looking for a way to get a sort of embossed effect from curves. Attached is a simple version with one figure made up of curves Id like to make 3D and embossed like a relief. As you can see Im getting close, but theres too many operations for a single closed curve. I saw that Clayoo has a plugin for this but I dont want to pay $1000, and their download doesnt even work to try.

hELPSilHou.3dm (1.1 MB)

to use plugins for rhino 6 on rhino 7 through: MigratePlugins is it necessary to have the plugin installed on rhino 6?

or can i install the plugin directly on rhino 7?

and what is the procedure to install directly on rhino 7?

can someone answer the above questions?

I don’t want to buy the plugin without being sure it will work.

One of their products

the clayoo

do you know if the version for rhino 6 works on rhino 7?

doesn’t say anything on the site

and what is the procedure to install directly on rhino 7?

Suggest you ask Gemvision.