I can't find the icon to choose to let me rotate my perspectives screen!

Wheres the icon to allow for rotating within the perspective screen? Cant find it or shoe to turn it on!

OK. So I found it under view, but how can I get the icon on my screen so I don’t have to open view every time I want to rotate in perspective view?

are you using a mouse? if so, press and hold the right mouse button for navigation…

if you’re on a laptop, use two fingers on the trackpad.
(you may have to enable this via Preferences-> Trackpad-> ‘Use two fingers to pan and rotate views’)

shift key in conjunction with either of the above will pan.
on a trackpad, if you have it set to rotate with two fingers, hold the option key while using two fingers on the trackpad for zoom

I’m having a lot of problems with the new download. I mean a lot. Are other people saying the same thing? ALso, I saw what appeared to be a new download even since I downloaded 214-01-29. Is that correct?

yeah… a new download was released yesterday (feb 03)

some people are having problems with the new layout but they’re getting sorted out quickly… yesterday’s release squashed another round of bugs (these bugs being mainly UI stuff)…

what do you mean by ‘A Lot’ of problems… basically, if you’ve found a problem(s), you should report them in a clear/precise manner in order for those problems to be dealt with accordingly… saying “It doesn’t work!!” won’t get your issues addressed.


Not sure if this is the correct way to report problems but I’m sure you’ll let me know if it’s not. Here goes:

  1. Can’t seem to get the rotate/pan/zoom icons on my screen. Perhaps someone answered that but if do I haven’t seen it/looked.
  2. My built model will often turn black in rendered view.
  3. My built model view will go blank during a command.
  4. My command ability will freeze, ie I can choose a command but nothing happens.

Re: 2,3,4, these problems disappear when I close Rhino and reopen.