I can't add it

that’s because rebuild doesn’t work on polysurfaces, you will have to explode first

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thanks i will try

I exploded before it was still impossible

if you choose Do not change cross sections, and make sure that:

-rail curves have identical structure
-end points of cross section is on end point

you get a clean result without needing to rebuild, see attached
sweep2.3dm (73.9 KB)

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I tried but still couldn’t

Do you have video tutorials?

I think I know what you do differently: you select a point at the end as one of the cross sections. Don’t do this . Just select all three curves at the same time and run Sweep2

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It is still bad

post your geometry

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i assume your 2 rails are not equal in point distribution, either way it appears that if you toggle the option simple sweep it will give you a better solution. i am wondering why @Gijs has it disabled but still gets the simple sweep. in anyway you can run RebuildCrvNonUniform on both rails to ensure symmetry in point distribution and simplicity in case these are a bit messy. best would be to post your file.

this is enabled by default whenever possible in Rhino 6. This options is no longer there

maybe you mean the same, but it’s not necessarily the point distribution, but the two rails need to have same degree and point count

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yes, but what i meant is that they should face each other more or less symmetrical, otherwise the iso direction will be skewed and/or results in selfintersections.

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thu 11.3dm (134.9 KB) Still bad, I can’t find the error why

connect your curves properly. but thats not even the main issue which i could not figure out, maybe rebuild that from scratch with more precision in mind. and if possible also hit the curves curvature or tangent continuous

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I created a new one but it’s still bad

Equal but still bad