Sweep1: what´s wrong with the rail curve?

Sweep1 rail curve.3dm (60.6 KB)

. Hi dear noetzig :smile:
I think the wrongs with the rail curve are:

  1. Degree=2 , point count=7 and crowded of points at the end of your curve rail
  2. Curvature graph of curve rail not ideal

If you rebuild your curve( as a rail) to degree=3 , point count=4 your curve’s shape don’t change so much and your curvature graph have a better shape so you get better result
At the end if you use Loft Tool (without selecting your rail curve ) you get best result

The problem is with how you selected your cross section curves. Click them near the same apparent end points or use the align shapes option to fix the self intersection.

Hi Noetzig- use the ‘Refit rail’ option for this setup. Still not a very nice result, I’d look at some different ways of making this - hang on a bit, I’ll see if I can come up with anything better.

Dunno - this might be slightly better: Sweep1 rail curve_PG.3dm (80.6 KB)


I know that in this case I have to be precise in picking the curves and did that.

The rail is build from a straight line and two tangent radii.
If the rail is fix loft and rebuild does not help.

Thanks @pascal how you found the blue curve?

´refit rail´ works but why it is not nice?

I work around in this case by split the red curve and build the front part with sweep2 (sweep1 also does not work). Other solution I can see is to ad a second rail curve at the other side of the green ones.