Hyperboloid tower with spiral voids

Hello Forum,

I am trying to create a tower in the shape of a hyperboloid, picture shown below.

But have openings like this picture shown.

The idea is to create an air traffic control tower with a spiral of light entering the interior. The issue I am having is how to create a script that keeps the hyperbolic shape but allows for changeable turns and pitches in the openings. (Similar to how the helix command works in Rhino)

Script for the form
tower .gh (14.9 KB)

Thanks for reading.

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I found your question intriguing so here I am, two hours later solving your problem. hahaha
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The opening ‘ribbon’ is not controled by its vertical opening, but rather from the rotation of the spiral.
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edit: as you change the spiral turns, the surface numbering might change so you have to tweak the list item components near the end of the definition in order to select the correct subset of surfaces for the creation of the wall.

control tower.gh (42.0 KB)


Thank you @anikolo! This is immensely helpful.

Would it be possible to create those straight columns as well? That follow the same curvature, but are rigid.
Or is this something to do separately after baking into Rhino?


control_tower_2018Mar4a.gh (46.2 KB)

I took the liberty of encapsulating another duplicate group of @anikolo’s code, now two clusters, each used twice: towerSrf and SpiralOnSrf.

And removed a duplicate “column”:

control_tower_2018Mar4b.gh (51.2 KB)