Twist with a Void


(Ashleyhemmen) #1

I found this image online and can only find the pinterest link when google searing this image. I am trying to create a code in Grasshopper that creates this twisting columns with a void in the center. If anyone knows any tutorials or how to create this I would appreciate the help! I am completely new to grasshopper and have been watching tutorials, but do not know enough by myself how to create something like this without seeing the words or letters on the nodes. I know it’s a long shot, but would love some suggestions or help from anyone on how to attempt to make this for my design.

(Michael Pryor) #2

You tagged it as Gh developer, should be just grasshopper.

Based on the image it is clear that is just two completely separate towers on the same spot (there are clear intersections of two models visible) also the definition is copied there twice (more evidence) which by the way is not a good example of gh, you just need one definition and various data, not a copy of the definition.

In short to repeat that just find any twisting rotate tower definition (there are many) and create two towers in the same spot with it.