Rectangular spiral

Sorry, I am a newbie in GH with the big letter “N”. :grinning:

My goal is to create a 2D rectangular spiral to simplify my project work (radiant heating floor). The total length of the spiral is limited, the offset of turns is variable.
Any ideas are welcome, thanks!snail

Rectangular (15.7 KB)


shocked by the speed and quality of the response. :crazy_face:
many thanks!

sorry, I tried to open it today, got an error in the “Replace items” block - “You cannot replace values in an empty list.”
Where is my error can be?

It starts where the orange wire starts, at Offset Curve. His code works for me.

ok, got it. it looks like a problem on my side. :+1:

upd. that code doesn’t work in rhino 6 but with rhino 7 works great. my fault