Hybrid graphics systems

There are a lot of laptops out there that run a hybrid graphics set up. (Intel/Nvidia, or Intel/AMD)

If you run the systeminfo command in v6 or v7 it will tell you if your machine is set up this way.

These machines often have issues with Rhino and generally speaking should be avoided if you can choose a different machine that is not hybrid.

BUT… if you already have one…

Go to your power settings on your laptop and set it for maximum performance in the windows control panel for power… you may need to hunt around a bit to find it. There is usually a plugged in and unplugged setting. You should always be running Rhino with your machine plugged in.

Then go to your video card driver settings and change any power setting also to be set to maximum performance.

This will make the standalone card take most of the load and will help Rhino run better.

Also make sure both the Intel and the standalone card have updated drivers.

Use the custom> clean install option where available when updating your drivers.

Hopefully this helps you solve any issues you have with your Hybrid machine. If not hit us up on tech support.