Human UI - Solid Colors and Textures in one 3D view

Hi All,

I’m having a hard time working with the Set 3D View Textured node. What I would like to accomplish is viewing a bunch of solid color shapes (buildings) that sit on top of a map. I can get one or the other, but can’t seem to get both. Is it possible?

Any and all help is much appreciated!


I think at the moment it’s only possible to have one or the other. You could create a texture that encompasses both the map and a couple small colored regions corresponding to the color you want to draw, and then use the mesh vertex texture coordinates to map the “map” region to the map mesh, and then the colors to the meshes you want to display with a solid color.

Thanks for the quick response Andrew. I started working on a workaround today but got pulled away from it. As I get to it next week I’ll post it here.

Hi Andrew… I was trying to achieve the ability to change the color live. I thought I had found a way using the “Capture Element to File” component in HumanUI, but run into issues when I change the color and toggle the boolean to run the component. It won’t run because the file created is being used in the “Set 3D View Texture” component to apply to the “buildings.” I’ve tried a few different varieties of using Stream Filter, Data Dam, etc. but none of them have worked.

I saw @marcsyp posting some updates on Twitter that are in the works for HumanUI update. Any chance this will be one of those updated? :slight_smile:

Hello! is there any update on this? Thanks!