3DView Human UI

I’m creating a 3DView in Human UI and have 4 meshes that I want to show in different colours. I have started by doing once with 4 meshes going in and they show up fine in one colour. Now I want to start breaking them out and select different colours> I started with 1 in a different colour and basically just copied all components again and feed the second different colour mesh back into the same merge panel path. But I can only see one path showing up in the HUI interface panel. If I disconnect one the other shows up so both inputs are getting there.

Any suggestions.


Can you upload your file? This could be a data tree issue or a problem with the way you have the definition set up. You should be able to supply one color per mesh that you input and have each mesh show up with the assigned color in the window:
color-per-mesh.gh (10.6 KB)