Human UI affected by the timer of ghJSON communication with multiple machines

Dear Andrew,
firstly I would like to thank for the significant support that Human UI offers in the control of grasshopper files.
Currently I am working in the communication via ghJSON within the remote control of two 3D printers.
The timer (set at 10 secs), that coordinates the read and write operations to machines, affects the Human UI components and therefore the user interface and makes it really slower. Especially the text box component (where you directly send jobs or codes to printers) does not work properly. Unfortunately the delay affects the overall control system and make the communication not stable.
Any suggestion to fix the problem?
Thank you very much in advance.
All the best,


I would strongly discourage using any timer-driven components with human ui. If you absolutely must, make sure they are upstream of “Set” components only (from the “UI Output” tab) and never upstream of a “Create” component (or by extension the “Add Elements” component. Create components are designed to be run once, and that’s it.

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