HUMAN UI: text block takes 7 seconds to display

Hi there.

Really weird question. I’m just pushing some numbers onto the Human UI window. Most of those numbers are for massing, and they come from “mass addition” components that calculate the volume or surface area from a larger number of elements. Now, they all work fine and HUI takes less than a second to display them all. Except for one of them. That one in particular is also a single number, previously mass added from around 1700 numbers, but once plugged into the AddElements component, it will take an incredible 7 to 8 seconds to finish calculation.

I have attached an image to show that it’s really just a text object that goes in there.

Has anyone ever had the same problem?

That seems rather peculiar. Can you send me the full definition? (by DM if you prefer)

Hi Andrew,

sorry I used the wrong account for this post - I was writing that. Unfortunately I can’t send you the definition. I can try to recreate it, or is there something I can check in the definition myself?


ohhh I have a guess. If that text follows from a very long / complex upstream definition, try right-clicking “add elements” and enabling “Disable Flow Loop Checking (fast mode).” “Flow Loop Checking” is in place by default to make sure you it warns you if do anything illegal, but if you know what you’re doing you can safely turn it off.

hahaha that dramatically increased the speed! Yes, it’s a relatively complex and long GH definition. I tried to get that specific set of data sooner and easier from the definition but it didn’t change much. Turning Flor Loop Checking off made it so fast that the GH Profiler doesn’t even show the speed anymore.

It’s good to know I can turn that on and off to try a couple of functionalities, tho. Thanks!