Timer/Trigger slowdown on Mac

When utilizing the timer/trigger component in Grasshopper for Mac “heavier” operations (more than 10ms per iteration?) slow down the gh-canvas as well as the Rhino viewport a lot - to a point, where it is not usable at all and one has to press Esc to continue working/changing parameters.

I attached a simple example from the C#-Workshop by Long Nguyen. 100 points work ok, but 1000 points freeze the canvas/viewport down a lot.

This issue also appears, when working with more complex Kangaroo scripts. Interactive Kangaroo scripts become unusable in this manner.

This is not the case in the Windows version of Rhino.


min_distance.gh (6.3 KB)

@dan, any ideas? Would be beautiful if this issue could be resolved. This is really important - especially for Kangaroo simulations :heart_eyes:

Hey @rudolf.neumerkel,

Thanks for reporting the issue, I’m seeing it as well. I’ve logged this as RH-61730.

Thanks a lot sir.

Have a great weekend