Hull Shape Assistant - looking for beta testers


Dear Rhino users,
I have developed a plugin to help in ship hull shape design, recreation and fairing. I am looking now for beta testers which would like to share with me their opinions about Hull Shape Assistant.

I am using this plugin already in my daily job and its quite stable. There are still some places for improvements, and I still have a lot of ideas, but I would like to get some feedback from others.


  • Automatic joining and trimming of surfaces, according to defined limiting top, transom and/or skeg shape;
  • Automatic generation of flat side and flat bottom;
  • Realtime information regarding distance from reference geometry;
  • Realtime generation of sections, buttocks and waterlines;
  • Simplified control over surface curvature and zebra analysis;
  • Realtime information regarding ship hydrostatic parameters (small non-watertight imperfections are allowed);
  • Simple clipping over length;
  • Simple compact panel for control of plugin functionality;


  • Option to choose between metric and imperial units system - currrently only metric is implemented;
  • Curvature graph for shape polysurfaces isolines - added in 0.2.8135-beta;
  • Clipping over length - added in 0.2.8135-beta;
  • Generation of hydrostatic tables;
  • Automatic comparison of generated hydrostatic tables to existing data from spreadsheet;
  • Autofairing based on minimizing of bending energy - this is huge one, I cannot promise anything;
  • Finalize user interface for macOS;
  • Command for adding recesses in hull;
  • Command for creating fillet on transom edge;
  • Commands for generating examples - added Ropax example in 0.2.8228-beta;
  • Grasshopper componets - I will need to think about that, most probably first would be hydrostatic parameters and hydrostatic tables component.


0.2.8256-beta    2022-August-09
* added buttons to change colour of shaded geometry and zebra stripes in main panel
* added buttons to automatically set X coordinate of perpendiculars to 0 for AP, and fore end of waterline for FP
* minor fixes and slow implementation of MVVM pattern in code

0.2.8228-beta    2022-July-12
* added command to generate example Ropax geometry
* added command to toggle inflection points of sections, buttocks and waterlines
* minor fixes and code refactoring

0.2.8167-beta    2022-May-12
* Rhino 7 SR18 required
* minor fixes

0.2.8135-beta    2022-April-10
* added clipping over length functionality
* added shape isolines curvature graph for direction U or V

0.2.8129-beta    2022-April-03
* improvements in calculation of immersed volume used for calculation of hydrostatic parameters

0.2.8102-beta    2022-March-08
* fixed bugs with trim and perpendiculars position controls in user panel

0.2.8090-beta    2022-Ferbruary-24
* Rhino 7 SR15 required
* initial public release



Hull Shape Assistant beta is already on package manager server. If anyone would be interested I can provide details how to get free license file by PM or email.

Food4Rhino link: Hull Shape Assistant | Food4Rhino

Rhino 7.18 for Windows is required. MacOS version will be ready for future Service Releases.

Best Regards
Łukasz Michalski



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I am interested in giving this a try though as a yacht designer, I have had little experience with designing hull forms such as those used for commercial vessels like those you have shown. I have added an example of my work in Rhino V5 through V7.


Dear Robb,

whole concept of modeling is based on defining shape parts, where some parts could be made based on curves for loft, or as already predefined nurbs surface (I still investigate how to include here subds). Output is polysurface which is recreated when one of input objects is changed. There is option to analyse already defined polysurface.

This kind oy yacht you have shown may not need for example functions for automatic generation of flat bottom or flat side, but it may leverage “parametric” multisurface modeling for curved shape including transom. Also reference distance analysis and detailed hydrostatic parameters may be useful.

You may find usefull also viewport width compression for buttocks investigation. There are inflection points shown on buttocks. If their density is high they may give impression of inflection lines:

I don’t see a Hull Shape Assistant on the Package Manager. Do I need to contact you?

please check pre-release since it is beta:

then generate computer ID and contact me:

Dear @Joseph_Culbert, @Robb , did you managed to find it in package manager? If not I think this might be yak server issue and I would like to resolve this.


Hi @mlukasz87 I’m not in your target group but fyi, I don’t see the plugin in packagemanager:

What way will you use eventually for the licensing of your plugin? Is this something you coded yourself too or is this an existing / 3rd party tool?

I see it, and in office where Rhino is licensed by zoo I see this also:

@will could you help?

Łukasz, Gijs,
FWIW, I see the plug-in in the PackageManager in Rhino 7 but not in the Rhino 8 WIP.


@mlukasz87 sorry… I now see you have it made for 7.15 and later, I am still on 7.14

Ok, I was not aware that users could still use old version.

I kindly ask @Robb, @Joseph_Culbert and all who are interested to update their Rhino to 7.15 :slight_smile:

I will update asap! Many thanks, Rob

From Rob Ladd of Robb Ladd Yacht Design


I have Rhino7.15 update and have checked the ‘include pre-releases’ box and when scrolling down through what is available I still don’t see anything named ‘hull’ UNTIL I looked closely at your screenshot above and realize that you did a search for hull to get your Hull Assistant to show up. I now have loaded and restarted Rhino and have your tool dropdown at the top and have generated the computer ID and here is the result;

Opening a Rhino 7 format file.
Command: _HSAComputerID
HSA: This computer ID is:
HSA: Please provide this ID to your distributor/vendor to get valid license file. You can provide list of IDs for multiple computers.
Command: _CommandHistory

Looking forward to hearing from you and using your tools! Thank you!



This looks like a very promising plug-in for marine design and I look forward to assisting in the beta! I’ll be graduating with a BS in NAME in May so I’m sure I will get a chance to use this both academically and professionally. I will shoot you a DM shortly with my workstation ID.

One question, do you see this tool eventually being a competitor with Orca3D’s hull design tool?



Hi John,

I am not very familiar with Orca3D hull shape design, but as far as I know, for a lot of usecases HSA could replace it.

HSA is concentrated at design, fairing and recreation of hull shape made of multiple surfaces. Orca3D however is generally a way more complex design toolbox. I believe each of them may find their users, some may even use both.


Hi Lukasz,

As a yacht designer I’m interested in the Hull Shape Assistant beta. Just finished another hull but more to come in the near future.

Best regards,

Maarten Manders

I have just pushed version 0.2.8129 to package manager. For now I have dropped idea of sections integration usage since I believe that I have found better solution.

Summary and changelog are in the first post.

Food4Rhino page is in the works. When ready it shall be here:


I would like also to thank all beta testers for feedback they have provided so far :heart:

I have added requested features list in first post :slightly_smiling_face: