Hull Shape Assistant - looking for beta testers

I have realeased new version 0.2.8135 with added clipping and isolines curvature graph:


@mlukasz87, I haven’t tested your tool yet but I hope project like yours and other similar will bring the price of Orca3d and other unfairly priced software down to more decent numbers. So KUDOS on that.


Why do you think the the price of Orca is unfair?

yes, I do.
Putting a price of a PLUGIN larger than the software it is created for is unfair.

Orca’s price is comparable with that of Maxsurf which is absurd.

It all depends also on the market and how big revenue product may generate. Rhino is universal tool, so there is A LOT of copies sold. Less copies sold = bigger price. At some point one can come to conclusion that it makes no sense to invest time for product development.

What am I missing?

Orca3d Level I Perpetual license:
Standalone $1390 Network $1735

Orca3d Level II (includes Level I) Perpetual license:
Standalone $2780 Network $3470


$7,991 – $13,318 12-month subscription license

That’s also what makes it unfair. It’s becoming a cartel practice. Keeping the price high just because shipbuilding is a high value output industry.

I believe high value output is only for big shipowners.

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Comparable, not the same. The price tag of orca, consider that it’s a plugin and has no own viewer or engine, everything is coming from Rhino core engine, should be less than 1000.
Also, it does not provide all the functionalities like maxsurf which is a standalone application.

company owners, but that’s that, people who wish to make a living cannot afford them on their own

It took me some time to push new version, but here it is. 0.2.8228 adds new commands:

  • generation of example Ropax shape;
  • toggling of sections, buttocks and waterlines inflection points.

More example shapes will come in future.

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