HSS Cross Section Units


In one of my models I am using the Cross Section Optimizer component and I noticed that when providing HSS cross sections, the dimensions are all listed in millimeters when I would like them to be in inches. I was wondering if there is a fix for this. For reference I am using Karamba 1.3.2 Build 190918.

On a similar note, I was also wondering if it is possible to filter the cross sections so that only square HSS sections are available in the list.

Thank you!

Hello @mgoldenberg,
some of the US cross sections are named according to SI units other according to Imperial units. The idea is that users who are acquainted to either of the physical units systems get an idea about the cross section sizes.
You could set up a Grashopper definition which disassembles the cross-sections and reassembles them with different names. Add string manipulation to automatically convert the names from millimeters to e.g. inches.
It is possible to filter out square HSS: disassemble the cross sections, check height and width for equality and use a ‘CullPattern’-component to select those cross sections where the equality check renders ‘True’.