How to array an object in a not linear surface?

Hi. I am trying to create different patterns in this type of surface.
I would like to array geometry on it and then trim it.

I remembered there was a command where you can plan it in 2d and then you will have it on the bended surface.


Are you thinking of FlowAlongSrf?

Might also look into paneling tools —Mark

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CreateUVCrv and then FlowAlongSrf

(or _ArraySrf)


Doesn’t Armadillo, & its precursor that I can’t remember the name of, do this kind of thing? Jarek will be along soon… :slight_smile:

I think the _FlowAlongSrf should do this ( as @nagreste suggested ). Armadillo can do this, too, with its paneling function but not needed here unless more advanced options are required (the other one is called ArrayCrvPLUS and does not have paneling available ).