Wrap surface or object around a cone

So I’ve run in to a surface that I’ve never tried to do before and I’m at a loss of how to achieve it. I’m trying to take a sheet or a plane and wrapped it around a conical shape. Imagine taking a piece of sheet metal and rolling it around a cone.

One of the biggest issues is that the material should continually wrap around the cone. If this was a small surface wrapping on a big cone I could do it, but I want the object to wrap on itself around the cone.

Any thoughts on what I could try?

Can you provide some sketches or images of what you’re trying to achieve?

Generally, what you described are called developable surfaces. DevLoft is the command to investigate, but it doesn’t work the way you are describing. UnrollSrf is its companion command.

Alternatively, just use the cone, which is naturally a developable surface. UnrollSrf will work on it too.


Here’s an example, unrolled. So I’d like to take this flat surface and roll it around the cone. The surface will roll on top of its self as the cone is too small

One way could be to take a multi-covered cone (where the base arc goes round more than once), unroll it, then use Flow along surface with that as the base surface and the cone as the target.

Making that initial multi-covered cone is a little tricky though, because the Extrude command doesn’t like self overlapping curves.
I made this in Grasshopper by joining arcs to get more than a full turn and extruding that to a point (GH seems more accepting of overlapping curve input).
multi_cone.gh (8.3 KB)
Or you can take this ready made one and scale it to the angle you need
multi_cone.3dm (52.6 KB)

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Thats a good idea. Maybe what I’ll do is draw a spiral, extrude it tapered, unroll that to use as the base to flow along.

@DanielPiker That worked out pretty well!

Drew a spiral.
Project it flat.
Extrude tapered.
Draw my shape on the unrolled surface.
Flow along surface on the extruded surface.

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