How to widen the layer name readout at screen base?

One of the things I desperately awaited was the readout of layer names at screen base when clicking on an object.
Now I seem to be progressing with V5, time to make use of this but I cant see the name fully.

What ot does show me is not enough to identify which layer its on.

How does one widen the viewer, there is no drag division.


You can’t currently, it’s hard coded.

One of the tings you might do it it’s really important to you is right click in the far right lower panel of the status bar (the “message area”), and in the popup menu, unselect everything currently checked, and check only “Selected object layer:”. That panel is much bigger (assuming decent screen size) and that way you will always see the currently selected single object’s layer… at the detriment of everything else possible in that panel, of course.


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Thanks Mitch,
That enables me to see my entire layer name now, more important to me than the other info that was lower right.
For its colour I look further left to its name again.