Full (Path) Display of Layer names

The Properties panel today only displays the Layer name. In a complex project there might be several layers with the same name, but placed as sub-layers to other layers.

Like in the image - layer “Insulation” can be part of ExtWall and IntWall.

To understand which layer the object belongs to one needs to unfold the drop down. (Hard to make a screen shot of that.)

Please make the full layer designation visible directly instead. Leave the drop down, but make the full path to the layer instantly visible.

In this case it would be: Interior Walls:Complex Walls:Insulation


Full layer path names can get far to long to display that way all the time given the space available.

That info is also available in the status bar pane, albeit also truncated when the full path is longer than the space available. Hovering over the pane displays the full path as a tooltip.

Ok, fair. Maybe the space in the status bar could be expanded (or adjustable)? On my screen (4K) there’s plenty of space left … More than 50 % is not really used.

Hi Erik - in Options > Advanced (Settings on mac) there is a setting to exp[and the layer pane

Setting that number to 2 or 3 should help.