'layer'box to be expand

hello, the box where the layer of the selected item is specified is very short. (see picture)

is it possible to expand this box, so that I can see in what layer a selected item is?

hope to hear from you soon,



Hi Albert- if you put youir cursor over the layer pane there you’ll see a tooltip with the full layer name. Does that help?


Hi Pascal, the tooltip shows the current layer - which is really useful, not the selected object layer. As a workaround we can see the full layer name of a selected object in the right hand side window of the status bar. (if your screen is large enough)
The layer window would work with long layernames if it was adjustable, but at the moment it simply doesn’t work as intended.

I think it is so important to see both the current layer and the selected object layer at a glance at any time and without extra mouse action and the above workaround is pretty close.

Thanks Brian, I changed the most right pane into selected object layer. that helps.

@pascal: when you hoover above the layer pane, you’l see the full layer name of the current layer, not the name of the layer where the selected object is in. in the future, if we could adjust the size of the box, then the problem would be completely solved.