Full layer name in object properties

I think it would be great if full layer names were displayed in the object properties tab.

It would be easier to handle large files with identical sub layer names.


Added to the pile:

There isn’t room to add the full name, but something visible that would indicate it is a sublayer would indeed be useful.
Obviously you can click on the layer name in the Properties Panel and see that it is a sublayer.

This may not be always desired, especially on files with deep layers structure, the full layer name path will be too long to fit in the panel… So maybe that would be optional setting or a mouse-over the layer in Properties would display the full path as a tooltip ?

my 2c



The full name is absolutely essential for complex models. Assemplies are not supported, then at least having a readable layer structure should be provided.

Mouse over is one option. An extra (optional) status bar to show the full path of the current layer would be the first thing to add. Plus mouse over. A separate full row in the dialog another. The entire screen is available for creative thoughs.

// Rolf

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Thanks, I have not thought of full layer names being too long…

You can turn on “Selected object layer” in the Status bar now.

Then select the object and the full layer is shown:


Thanks, that helps!