How to easily stitch edges and vertex that are in the same place?

Hi All,
There might be a way that I did see in the latest updates, like the how to stitch 2 points that are preselected.
But when you have many points or edges that share the same position it’s not that easy to do the job.
I think that some others requested having a command to merge/join/stitch vertex by tolerance.

I think that this would be the solution, is there anything like this right now?

Have you tried Align Vertices?


Thanks @martinsiegrist I’m playing around a bit with _AlignVertices, and apparently, it solves some of the cases I want. I will share my experience asap.

Thank @inju but this is not the case I’m looking for, these edges are far away, what I want to solve is the case when you have polygons that look joint in sharp mode, but need to be stitched.
I will share an example to clarify it.

I found the solution,

I didn’t know that this mesh command worked for subD too.

If there are small gaps first use _AlignVertices
And after all the vertex are in the place _WeldEdge to stitch them all at once.

This is quite handy in cases when you have multiple naked edges and don’t want to use the stitch command, a pair at a time.
I think that might be great having some of these commands combined in one.
Stitch could work with preselected edges and work as _weldedge, is this possible?

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