'Combining' mesh vertices

I’m looking for the right tool to ‘combine’ 2 or more unconnected mesh vertices which sit at the exact same location, or inside a tolerance radius, into one and the same vertex (and thus joining their mesh objects).
In other programs (e.g. 3ds Max) this is called ‘welding’. In Rhino, the name ‘Weld’ is used for smoothing over neighbouring mesh face normals, which is a very different thing.

The Rhino ‘Stitch’ only seems to come closest to what I look for, but all it does is aligning the selected edges, without ‘combining’ their vertices.

So, what’s the right command for that, if any?
Would also be useful for SubD modelling, of course.


Hey Eugen!

I know it’s neither Rhino nor native functionality, but for Grasshopper there is a beautiful plugin: Pufferfish | Food4Rhino

Inside you will find Rebuild Mesh component that maybe is something that you’re looking for: Rebuild Mesh - Pufferfish - Component for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs

Hi Eugen - WeldVertices


There’s also AlignVertices Rhinoceros Help

Thanks everyone!
A combination of AlignVertices and WeldVertices is what I was looking for.

Sidenote: the mesh parts to weld must obviously be inside the same object, so using ‘Join’ upfront can be necessary.

Didn’t even look for that name, maybe because I would expect ‘weld’ commands to deal with face normals. How about renaming the ‘Weld’/‘Unweld’ commands to something like ‘SmoothEdges’/‘CreaseEdges’ etc.? I know it’s an big inconvenience to rename commands.