How to use the Rhino inside revit plug-in "Player"

Hi guys, I want to use the Player plug-in in Revit, but nothing happened after i choose a simple gh file, I just wondered, how to use this plug-in. When I download the sourcecode and debug that, i found nothing will be the output, so how can i get the output from the player solver in code.

Here is the gh file i created. (3.6 KB)


This definitions seams to be used with Rhino command ‘GrasshopperPlayer’ but not with the player in Rhino.Inside Revit.

If you replace the two getters by point params and the Baker by a Curve param the Revit player will ask you for two points and will bake a line in that case.

Thanks, i will give a try.

Resurrecting an old thread.
I cannot find much documentation on script setup for running the grasshopper player in Rhino Inside Revit. I’ve tried a few times, but after selecting a .gh file, the player button just opens grasshopper without doing anything else. Are there any videos on this? Or maybe just a snip of script that runs correctly?

In general it should be a simple ‘Do Something’ Script.

First example creates a wall. (these were done in the imperial arch template)

GH Player Add (6.7 KB)

Second Bakes the Wall into Rhino (Requires Elefront 4.3)

GH Player Bake Wall to (7.8 KB)

Thanks Japhy!
How can I define input parameters for the first script? Currently the wall length and location are hard coded. Is there a way to provide Revit with my input parameters each time I use the script similar to the rhino grasshopper player?

That would involve another level of UI complexity when dealing with Revit. In pyrevit for example you can create forms that would get Revit input, or in Rhino the Remote Control Panel, HumanUI etc. To do this at the same time where Rhino UI, Grasshopper & Revit are all in play is challenge. We do have feature requests in the queue for Get/Set in the various contexts.

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Understood, thanks!

Get/Set components for native revit elements in the player would be really great!


Has your request been answered ? Any updates on that ?

I am sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by that ? What is the name of the element that can start a prompt in Revit ?

It wouldn’t involve rhino UI in this situation since it would only work with the player, Revit/Player combo would be great.

Depending on what you are doing referencing the ‘Active Selection’ option in the Graphical Element may work for you.

Can you call that function with a Prompt in Revit only using the Player ?

Keyboard Shortcut? Not seeing it, i’ll see if there’s anything we can do, for now you will have to click the button.

Mhhhh, that’s a start but a prompt on the screen when launching the script would be really helpful.