Rhino Inside Revit plug-in “Player”

We finally manage to generate our initial GH Player list of scripts. It would be really AMAZING if you could add some kind of Player window that will allow us to run scripts with one click,
unfortunately, currently, there are few clicks required:

  1. would be amazing to remember the path to scripts
  2. have some new window open that we can select some script and then run them one by one or possible select many and then run them all,

ps. performance GH over Dynamo is incredible I can run most of my scripts before DynamoPlayer window is open

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Something like this is on the list.

Load grasshopper definitions into the toolbar · Issue #155 · mcneel/rhino.inside-revit (github.com)


ok great…

I will add also ability to expose some input from the script as a list…
so as in this example we can just access list and run … but I guess this will be step 2 of development

Nice feature and cool drawing by the way