Human UI with grasshopper player

When Human UI is running through Rhino.Inside Revit grasshopper player, user is not able to operate Revit window, but it is fine when Grasshopper is open aside. I’m currently on Version 1.5.8101.24584. Not sure if it is an Human UI issuge or Grasshopper players issue.


Grasshopper Player is a Revit command, and until it is finished it does not allow any UI interaction with Revit.

What kind of interaction do you want to have?

Hi Kike, nice to see you in this thread agian. I’m trying to select/modify objects with a grasshopper player opened HumanUI on my side.

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Hi all, I’d also love to be able to run a script through Player and open a Human UI window for the user to have control over some geometrical and Revit Type selections without having to open/interact with the GH file (similarly to the Dynamo player allowing for editing inputs from the file, but with Human UI’s superior customization). Sounds like this won’t be possible with GH Player, but is there any workaround to achieve something like this without creating a custom Revit plugin? Thanks!


Hi Hailey,

I’m currently encountering this exact same problem, and was wondering if you found a solution/ workaround?

I’m in the process of building a tool for my office, and would love to be able to share it with them, and package it up in some way that doesn’t require them to open up the script in the gh window. The script uses Human UI to create an easy to use interface, however if running with gh player, the script doesn’t update itself and the user “sees” no preview geometry or anything, they also cannot interact with the revit environment until the UI closes, which then loses all the inputs the user made.

If anybody has a solution I would love to know - Thank you in advance!



I’m having the same problems, any of you found a good solution yet? or an alternative to Human UI that does seem to work within a revit/grasshopper environment?

Thank you in advance for any solutions!

That sounds really cool !

Hello all, I was wondering if there had been any progress on the interaction between Human UI and Grasshopper player ? It seems that as far as we can tell, it is still impossible to use Player to run a script with a Human UI interface or active selection and direct shape.
Those two things, Human UI / Player and Active Selection / Direct Shape, are really important to diffuse our scripts to our firms, not everybody wants to go through a big chunk of code.

Keep us posted