How to unload Grasshopper for Rhino.Inside

I can close Grasshopper or Rhino but I can see that there are loaded in the background. Is there any way to unload Grasshopper for Rhino.Inside from Revit?
So when I click Rhino it will open a new clean session?

AFAIK not at the moment.

@eirannejad, thanks for all of your work!

The ability to unload Rhino (preferably Grasshopper only) would be a great feature to reimplement (I remember it in Rhino 5) because when there is a failure, or breakpoint, or something that causes the WIP to crash, the only option I know is to close and restart Revit.
This is a huge time sink.

Perhaps there is another way to reload the Grasshopper definition?
Or, can we make this a feature request?

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