RH 6.0 & GrasshopperUnloadPlugin?


In Rhino 5.0, the command “GrasshopperUnloadPlugin” conveniently allowed me to restart Grasshopper without having to restart Rhino in order to load in a newly installed plugin.

However, in Rhino 6.0, it doesn’t seem like there is a way to restart Grasshopper when a new plugin is installed. I have to completely EXIT out of Rhino and open it up again which seems inconsistent with what was fine in Rhino 5.0

How can I restart Grasshopper everytime a new plugin is installed without having to restart my Rhino?


Please refer to the thread GrasshopperUnloadPlugin in rhino6

I suspect that the _GrasshopperReloadAssemblies command doesn’t do what you need because you want to load a new plugin. I can make that command smarter to also include previously unloaded plugins.


I’m developing on a plugin with a gha and a dll, and as GH locks the dll i cannot replace that while gh is open. This was not an issue in 5 as I could do the unload, however in 6 i have to reopen Rhino. Would it be possible to reintroduce the unload in 7?

No it won’t come back. Do you have breakpoint debugging set up in your project?

Yes I do have. But I can only overwrite the GHA files. Additional dll files that I’m concurrently working on cannot be overwritten.

I’ve looked for ways to compile everything into a single GHA, but didn’t find an easy approach.