How to reload GH in Rhino6?


I have the same problem I already had in Rhino5, that sometimes Grasshopper doesnt reacts to my keyboard for exapmle when I try to delete a component by hitting delete.
I still can delete over the menu, also when I double click on the canvas I can write, just delete, alt+,ctrl+c.ctrl+v, etc doesnt work.

In rhino5 I unloaded GH in this ocassions, and everything was fine, most of the time.
Now I close rhino, since GrasshopperUnloadPlugIn doesnt exists.

How can I do it wihout closing rhino?


Do you have an idea about what steps may lead up to this situation? I realise it’s probably not 100% repeatable, but any hints may be useful.

The attached user object will unload all documents and close the window (it won’t work if any other documents are unsaved, but if you drop it into an unsaved document, you will lose changes). It’s clearly a hack, but if it alleviates the pain…

Close (2.2 KB)

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Not sure if this is helpful, when I lose keyboard focus for GH in R5, I can get it back by double click on the header of GH window to minimize and maximize the window again (sometimes I do it several times just to be safe), usually that will get it back for me, (learned that from someone on the GH forum, forgot who and where the original post is), I didn’t have to unload and reload GH.

I don’t have R6 yet and can’t test this if it’s still viable.

thanks both,

@DavidRutten, I will try the user object and also try to observe my behaviour to report.

Hi David,

I tried to observe but it wasnt possible for me to find a pattern but I got this error message 2 times now, after use your user object:

Maybe it helps you.

(probably off topic)

I had the problem before in R5. From time to time, input focus escaped from GH to Rhino and never returned.
Sadly, I couldn’t figure it out why. But it is fine so far in R6.

This hit the spot for me thanks!