Exit/close Rhino.Inside without restarting Revit?

Hi All,

Apologies if I have missed something, but does anyone have a robust method of closing Rhino.Inside, without having to restart Revit?

Clicking the close button seems to just hide RhinoWIP & Grasshopper. Even when restarting Revit, I will be prompted whether I want to save the Rhino & Grasshopper files when reopening a Revit file.

I cant even seem to find it running in Task manager to be able to force close it?

Thanks for your help!


Hi Morgan,

When you load Rhino inside Revit, it loads as a Revit Add-In not as a separete Application.
That’s the reason you can not find Rhino in the task manager.

And since it is loaded as a Revit Add-In and not as an Application it is not unloaded until Revit closes.

Hi - thanks for getting back so quickly.

Ok. Unfortunately, Rhino.Inside seems to slow our model down quite considerably, and often causes graphics glitches. Having to close and reopen Revit each time is becoming very cumbersome.

Do you think that this is something that might be able to be solved in the future? Or, do you think it will always stay this way?

Thanks again.


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Rhino.Inside should only react to changes in your model if you have a Grasshopper definition loaded that references geometry from your Revit model.

So you can try two things:

  1. Disable the Grasshopper previews from the Ribbon.
  2. Closing all the Grasshopper definitions you have opened.

If after this you still notice any slowdown we may have a bug, please share if doing so helps.